OpEd: Where Is the Body-Positive Body Image for Women in Media?

20140421-090750.jpgWhile I am a sex-positive & pro-sex movement activist, I think it’s sad that the majority of the body-positive photos of women I see are in and amongst the BDSM and sexualized violence porn of Tumblr. There are many amateur sites that feature full-figured women, but the amateur photo-snaps are not of the technical quality of a professional photographer. And where arethe professional…

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Autumn Splendor by Nichofsky

Gorgeous autumn day in the woods. - trishRead: http://www.ArousedWomanBlog.com
It’s been a long time since I rode in a car with a sun roof. Irish skin burns, ya know. But today’s ride was pretty cool. :-)
At the Irish Pub gig on Saturday! :-)
Here’s my goddess necklace that I absolutely adore, but forgot to take a pic before now. :-)
Before tonight’s gig of Causey & Kelley. My hair is taking on an Elpheba-green glow….. Find us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/CauseyAndKelley. :-)
Here’s the new Facebook page for Causey & Kelley: http://www.facebook.com/CauseyAndKelley! Plz find us, like us, & share. We’re also on Twitter: @CauseyAndKelley. Cuz Irish music rules!!! :-)
Mic check at the Irish pub gig on St.Paddy’s Day. :-) #Irish #music #singer
This is the “before” shot, before I left the house for the Irish pub gig on St. Paddy’s Day. We played Irish tunes all night long! :-) #irish #music #singer #pub
Meet the new Irish music sensation Causey & Kelley, kickin’ it up at the Flying Irishmen on Fridays, beginning March 28. :-) #Irish #music #singer #pub

OpEd: St. Patrick Can Kiss My Wild Irish Ass

OpEd: St. Patrick Can Kiss My Wild Irish Ass

St. Patrick - Not IrishI despise St. Patrick’s Day.  I love the connection to Irish culture, but celebrating Irish culture was NOT what “St. Patrick” was all about.  In fact, his mission was to do just the opposite.

To dispel the “St.Patrick” myth bullshit, here are some FACTS:

1) Padraic was Roman NOT Irish/Gaelic.

2) No archaeological evidence of snakes has EVER been found in Ireland because Ireland is COLD.


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Stop Giving Sex Advice

If you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Just stop. The bad info and even dangerous info I see on Tumblr is ridiculous. If you have a sex-related question, please ask me, and I’ll be happy to help if I can.



Statue Witch :¦: By Smash Entertainment ☆

Great statue of a witch! :-)trishRead: http://www.ArousedWomanBlog.com


Nudists take over. Pretty cool. :-)trishRead: http://www.ArousedWomanBlog.com
Woman sitting by window. Real body. Real breasts. trishRead: http://www.ArousedWomanBlog.com