thirstysalt asked: Do you have a preference to an uncircumcised or circumcised? Or does it not matter1? I'm just curious as to what you think

Hey, ThirstySalt!

I am so glad you asked!! :-) I have never been with an uncut guy. I have heard there is quite a difference (I’ve heard uncut men don’t need friction sex, which is great because friction sex can hurt!). So I hope to be lucky enough to land a fabulous night with an uncut man at least once this lifetime.  

My main reason for posting pics of uncut men here on my Tumblr page is to help American women become accustomed to seeing uncirc’d men. As an activist, I speak out against male and female circumcision on minors. Having a part of a child amputated for no medical reason and without the child’s consent is a gross violation of that child’s basic human right to be whole and intact.

Infant male circumcision has been so routine in the United States, many men and women can’t fathom not cutting their sons. As a result, when women see an uncut guy’s penis for the first time, their reactions range from being curious to being “horrified” at the sight and feel of an intact penis.

Also, some studies suggest 60% of male sexual dysfunction is due to botched circumcisions when the men were newborns.

Short story long, I prefer a man to be who he is, however he is. The genitals aren’t needed for orgasm anyway. :-)

Feel free to ask me anything else. Thank you , and take care!


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